Yoga of the Heart

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed suffering around the world. It is a time when many of us are asking why this is happening and what we can do to minimize the suffering and prevent such tragic events from unfolding in the future. There is almost a feeling of helplessness that as an individual we … Read more

Realizing your dreams the effective way

There is a lot of literature about realizing one’s dreams. The fundamental steps are identifying your dreams, writing them down, getting to know the ‘why’ behind them, and visualizing the dreams as though they are a reality. All these are essential and effective ways for achieving and fulfilling your dreams. However, when you add one … Read more

Becoming an alchemist to self-transform

Everyone can be an alchemist. We can transform and transmute the qualities and aspects of ourselves that are not serving us into ones that propel us forward. Is it possible for everyone to do that? Yes, you and I can become alchemists. Each of us is endowed with this alchemic ability, if we know how … Read more

Dharma Artha Kama Moksha – The 4 Purusharthas

Millennia ago, Saints in ancient Eastern traditions articulated the blueprint for the fulfillment human birth, as it was revealed to them in the highest states of meditation and consciousness. The Supreme Self pervades and exists in all dimensions and all beings, sentient and insentient. And it is that Supreme Self which lives inside every person. Therefore … Read more

7 ways to handle bad karma, gracefully

Have you been in a very difficult place in life, where nothing seems to be going in your favor? Where you felt you were at the bottom of your despair, only to find out the next day that you have fallen deeper? In times such as these, it is essential to try to find a … Read more

Bliss Meditation

Ksham or Bliss Meditation is a simple meditation technique that helps one transcend normal levels of consciousness to go into a different realm and experience blissful Divine energies. Ksham means Divine Bliss.  It is the beejakshara (root syllable). Meditation is the art (and science) of making the mind still. Only when the turbulent thought waves are calmed … Read more

Stages of Spiritual Evolution

In general, a person needs to go through increasingly progressive stages of spiritual evolution to reach union with the Supreme. The ancient Siddha masters of India have defined and devised a 4-stage path for self-realization. This path is a broad framework which describes the stages of spiritual evolution in an individual. They explained each stage in … Read more

Liberation, Moksha in This Lifetime

Moksha, or Liberation, is the ultimate goal of every individual. Moksha is the experience of, and realization that the individual self is the same as the Universal Supreme Self. It is an expansion of individual consciousness into the Universal consciousness. Liberation is not something attained after one’s life, rather, it is a permanent merger with … Read more