I have been a dedicated practitioner of meditation techniques for over forty years. Through them I have experienced inner awareness and a refinement of perception. However, in recent years I felt as though I was “blocked”, unable to “go beyond” to experience more subtle levels of development, and also and more importantly, to bring that sense in inner peace outward into my daily activity. Through the Mother’s Mantra that was given to me, I have experienced a greater sense of that inner peace and of trust. This has allowed me to continue in my daily tasks with enhanced clarity, peace and a sense of “inner grace”.

I am truly most grateful.

JD, Florida

The thing about Swami and Amma is that they don’t want you to follow them. They want you to become like them. It’s a hard concept to grasp when the prevailing conditioning is one of “worshiping a guru” but this morning I woke up and thought “oh, I get it.” Empowerment, the light bulb turned on.

Samuel G, San Francisco

Thank you so much for Pratyangria practice. Sometimes it was hard as I like to sleep, so not easy to wake up early every day. It was so worth it. I feel great. I feel shifts happening and feel I am shifting. I gave up meat, drinking and smoking as part of the practice. I am beyond happy to report. I have no desire to resume these things. It was simply amazing. I feel as if my DNA has been rearranged. I feel a lightness of being. People comment that I look different, brighter, more beautiful. Thank you Amma and Swami for this gift. Meeting you both in New York was very lucky for me. Life, even with its ups and downs, seems so much more fun.

Patricia, NY

Amma and Swamiji are the *real* deal! I first heard Amma and Swamiji on a conference call and immediately felt their love and devotion to all. It was simply by Divine Grace that I was able to help host them in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Rather than returning to my home in the midwest, I found myself drawn to follow Amma and Swamiji to their events in Manhattan and again to Asheville, North Carolina.

Each event was different than the one before, but their beautiful energies remained constant and the events were very powerful. Meeting the Divine Mother in the form of Amma and Swamiji has been a life-altering event for me and I encourage those who have not yet benefited from being in the presence of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi to attend one of the upcoming events in your area.

TJ Plympton, Kentucky

As we sat waiting for Amma and Swamiji to arrive I sat with my eyes closed, preparing myself for their entrance. Suddenly, an overwhelming joy mixed with longing filled my heart and I began to cry. A feeling like part of my soul was returning to me. I opened my eyes and saw that Amma and Swamiji had just entered the room.

This moment felt like a coming home. As if parts of my soul family, people I didn’t even know were missing pieces, had come back into my field, reintegrated back into my life. I felt so much joy, so much peace, so much gratitude.

As we sat listening to Amma, my body couldn’t sit still. Kriyas of ecstasy shook my body, and I sat undulating my spine and shaking to move the energy through my spine and nervous system.

During the shaktipat I felt my crown chakra open wide like a satellite dish and my kundalini flow steadily and effortlessly up and down my spine. And again, with my eyes closed, I began to cry. A deep, deep release and yet sweet joy, my heart opening wide, my soul in awe and reverence for this moment, for the Divine Mother, for myself. I felt the simultaneous descent of the Shiva and ascent of the Shakti, and something within me let go, surrendered, hollowed out and released to make room for more. More of the goddess, more of me.

Again, I was lost in this energy until it began to build, the pressure of release rising, and then suddenly Swamiji was there, throwing rose petals over me and touching my third eye. My hands went into mudra, palms upwards raised to the heavens, as I not only received but emanated, radiated this ineffable energy. Pure joy. Pure bliss.

Afterwards I felt washed clean and clear. The thoughts and doubts that often plague me and drag me down had disappeared and a sense of what I can only describe as compassionate detachment was left. A sense of knowing that all is perfect, just as it is, and that what matters most is not what we do, but who we are and who we choose to become.

Thank you for this powerful and life altering opportunity.

Megan W.

I first met Amma and Swami in NYC. I was a college student and I can say that a spiritual path was not my priority. Since that first day in their presence I have noticed a transformation – physical, emotional and spiritual. Their presence exudes a profound, yet simple love.  Just as the Divine Mother loves. This experience of love has stayed with me. I know that their love is always there to comfort me.  And for this there are not enough words of thanks. I encourage people to open their hearts to Amma and Swami’s message of Oneness.

Mike, Boston, MA

As a longtime devotee of BhadraKali, I can attest that Swami Shanmuga and Amma Adi Sakthi are the embodiment and radiant transmitters of Pratyangira Devi’s very presence.The waking up of Consciousness itself and it’s proper balancing occurs by coming into contact with them. It is the very rarest of gifts to meet them. If at all possible I would recommend you do just that. Rush quickly to the side of these gentle and fierce protectors! You would be doing your SELF the greatest favor imaginable.

Sri Swaprakashananda Swami, SF Bay Area

Peaceful was the first word that came to mind when Amma Adi Shakti asked us to say how we felt after receiving the Sacred Geometry Healing. Perhaps a better word would have been “blissful” to describe the state that I was in. It was the kind of peace that was deeper than some psycho/emotional state. It was a grounding in something bigger than myself, something so powerful, so magnificent, that all fear was missing from my being! It was a glimpse into what my life can be, if I turn myself over to such divine energy–the energies of Mother Pratyangira and Babaji–that were offered at the Sacred Geometry Healing. What a blessing to know Amma and Swami! They truly offer a wonderful transformational experience with this healing.

Maria, Bay Area, CA

After starting the intensive Sadhana (spiritual practice), I began to feel shifts in my perception. Nothing has really changed in my outer world, life is still filled with many challenges, but the way I view things and deal with them has changed very drastically. I am not as easily moved from my center anymore as the practice is carried with me throughout the day even when I am not actually doing it. I have even felt Mother’s energies in a very protective way during some particularly difficult times. I have never felt the Divine Mother in such a tangible way before, I simply asked and She was there!

I easily slip into a deep contemplative awareness that I had never experienced before starting this practice. A peace of completeness and stillness that simply does not compare to anything in the material world. There is no thought of stopping this practice, as that would be like partaking of fake food after tasting the real, or as the Bhakta poet Ramprasad once said, “It’s the pure milk I tasted, why add butttermilk.”

Giving thanks to Amma & Swamiji are not enough, for words can not express or convey the gratitude that a jiva (individual) feels when it has been given a glimpse of it’s eternal home. To me, you are like the Divine parents in human form guiding us all on that journey to Her abode, with the MahaPratyangira Devi’s energy that you carry and the practice you have so graciously bestowed with your blessings.

Dawn, SF Bay Area

Each puja experience has been powerful, effective and deeply touching. Last week was also this way. So much so, in important meetings Thursday, the puja seemed to bless our entire team, creating a sense of peace, confidence and then the following day, full success for us all. It is difficult in business to maintain the powerful balance with Essential Spirit and strong sadhana but yet this continues and grows. This is such a great blessing!

Each and every Puja given by Amma and Swamiji has been an enormous blessing in this way for the last two years, especially the blessings of the MahaAvatar Babaji Puja. We look forward to seeing Amma and Swamiji in the USA again and have missed local opportunities in recent years. The meetings and mantras given us were deeply effective and lasted the many following months in sacred strength and purity later prompting me to contact for puja as they are all groundbreaking experiences, supportive for breakthrough spiritual evolution. On behalf of family and self, thank you so very much and I am eager for the next puja and also meeting in the near future. I keep you all in the sacred, tender place of heart and spirit.

OM, Sri Ram, SF Bay Area

What a blessing to have met you! Thank you for honoring the Divine in Me. What humor! what joy! what gifts! Sri Maha Pratyangira has awoken in my heart and her courage, strength, bounding joy have me seeing and feeling divine mother in All. So many obstacles have dissolved, and I can feel God’s lasting presence inside me. May the divine pour blessings of abundance and grace out upon the altars of your hearts and lives.

Christina, Boston, MA

When I sat with Swami and Amma in New York City, I was not compelled to meet another spiritual teacher. My cup was full and complete. What turned me, was the natural “ordinariness” of your presence–a transparency that shone Love and Beauty. It opened my soul. My cup broke becoming an ocean without borders, carrying Mother’s sweetness and perfume. A thought came: “Sell your cleverness, and buy bewilderment” (Rumi). I did not resist. Today, the wonder of Your Love and and Your waters of Liberation do not stop flowing to me.

With gratitude,

Teresita, New York City