Releasing early 2020

Splendor of the Soul helps you
live in awareness,
heal your inner Self,
and awaken abundance consciousness

Do you feel your life is not in alignment with its real purpose? Do you want to be empowered for spiritual self-mastery? To shift your consciousness from scarcity to abundance?

Live in awareness to heal your inner Self and experience spiritual and material abundance. Understand yourself deeply and delve into the magnificence of your soul. Transform every activity that you already perform into a spiritual practice.

Splendor of the Soul guides you to discover your higher Self and unlock its treasures. By transcending the mind, you can unravel illusory layers to experience Oneness with your Divine Self.

In this book, you will learn how to:

Heal deep inner emotional and karmic wounds using an inside-out holistic approach

Become a spiritual warrior to conquer negative patterns

Expend your resources and energies consciously to enable them to return to you abundantly

Raise your awareness to be in continuous mindfulness

Splendor of the Soul is a profound transformative guide on realizing yourself as a co-creator of and within this universe. If you are seeking to dive deeply into spiritual development and make quantum leaps in your quest for the Self, this book is for you.

Read Splendor of the Soul to take an experiential meditative journey and uncover the sacred wealth of your soul.

Author Amalananda is a spiritual coach who has experienced an inner awakening. Having faced these questions personally, he is here to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Extracted from Splendor of the Soul

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Table of Contents of Splendor of the Soul

Our Inner Journey

Understanding the Self
      The Silent Witness
      Thoughts, Desires, And Addictions
      Pain, Fear, and Resistance
      Individual Self and Universal Self
      The Karmic Cycle

Healing the Self
      Healing Deep Inner Wounds
      Unifying All Aspects of You
      Reaching Closure
      Being a Spiritual Warrior

Satisfying the Self
      Spiritual and Material Pursuits
      Force Multipliers
      Desire, Knowledge, and Action
      Spending Consciously
      Effective Visualizations

Refining the Self
      Life and Soul Purpose
      Being in Mindfulness

Transcending the Self
      Bliss Meditation
      The Void Within: A Canvas for Creation
      Cosmic Journey into the Void
      Putting Together all the Practices

The Inner Journey, in Perspective