Participate in New Moon and Full Moon Pujas

Next Full Moon is on June 28, 2018, and New Moon is on July 13, 2018


Full and New Moons are auspicious days to offer your prayers and have them recited by Swami and Amma during pujas and sacred ceremonies.

Become attuned to the high energies of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi.

When realized souls offer prayers on your behalf, they reinforce the prayers with their tapas shakti (spiritual power of yogis).

Receive Divine Grace to remove obstacles on your path.

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New Moon and Full Moon days are auspicious times to offer prayers to Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi. On each of these special days, Swami Shanmuga and Amma Adi Sakthi offer special pujas to the Devi. Now you can join the prayers too. Send in your prayers and Swami & Amma will offer the prayers on your behalf. When realized souls offer prayers on one’s behalf, they join their Tapas Shakti to the person’s intentions and plant the energy in the fertile cosmic soil. Whatever the obstacles you may have in your life, whether on the spiritual, material or emotional levels, offering your prayers heartfully on New and Full Moon days will give way to Grace from the Divine.