We have been busy with our upcoming book. The book is about soul evolution and realizing the Self within while unlocking the inner and outer abundance of the soul.

Writing this book is our soul’s calling. We want to make the book helpful to many people in the quest for realizing their Self while balancing the obligations of the modern world. We have completed the initial draft, and are expecting to launch the book in September.

We are asking for your feedback to make the book more valuable! Help us by taking a short survey (link at bottom). We will send this eBook for free to 108 survey participants selected randomly.

We are providing the book description and several titles below.  Your feedback on the book description and titles would help make the book more useful to readers.

We will be sharing more with you as we progress on this gratifying journey.

Blessings to you,

Amalananda, Adiyargal Shanmuga Suntharam and Adi Sakthi

Note: In the book description below, we use the term Ekatvam Book in place of the title. Please see the title choices further below.

Book Description

Yearning for the Self but torn between spiritual and material pursuits? Delve into the depths of your heart and soul and manifest inner and outer abundance. Transform every activity that you already do into a spiritual practice.

Do you want to empower yourself to gain spiritual self-mastery? Do you want to shift your consciousness from scarcity to abundance? Authors Amalananda, Shanmuga Suntharam & Adi Sakthi are devout Yogis who have experienced the highest truths through intense Sadhana (spiritual practices). Having faced these questions directly, they are here to help you on your spiritual journey.

Ekatvam Book helps you discover your higher Self and unlock its treasures. Using an inside-out holistic spiritual approach, you will be able to unravel your illusory layers to experience Oneness with your Divine inner Self.

Inside, you will discover the Void within, which is pure consciousness and highly potent, from which you can manifest the deepest desires of your heart and soul. You’ll learn how to:

  • Heal deep inner emotional and karmic wounds to untie your soul
  • Accept and unify various aspects of yourself to realize your soul’s potential
  • Awaken and harness the powers within using simple, yet revolutionary practices such as short potent mantras and sacred geometry yantras
  • Raise your awareness to be in mindfulness
  • Expend your energies consciously so that they come back to you manifold
  • Become a spiritual warrior and transform to your higher Self

Ekatvam Book is a profound transformative guide on realizing yourself as a co-creator of and within this universe. If you are seeking a deeper dive into spiritual development and want to take a quantum leap in your quest for the Self, this book is for you.

Read Ekatvam Book to take an experiential meditative journey and uncover the sacred wealth of your soul.

Possible titles and subtitles

We are considering the following titles for the book:

  • Abundance In Soul Evolution
  • Opulence Of The Void
  • Splendor Of The Soul

We are also considering the following subtitles

  • Manifest the abundance of your soul’s splendor in Oneness
  • Manifest the abundance of your soul’s splendor, in Oneness with your higher Self
  • Be in Oneness with your higher Self — Heal holistically and awaken abundance consciousness
  • Take a holistic spiritual journey to awaken abundance consciousness — Be in Oneness with your higher Self

Your feedback is important to make this book valuable to readers. We look forward to hearing from you. Gratitude to all.

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