Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Go into the inner depths of your soul and discover the Divine Mother within. The soul journey below will take only a few minutes. Please make sure that you are relaxed, and have faith and joy in your heart, as you come face to face with your Self.

Divine Mother Pratyangira is working with all who visit this place. The intention you bring makes this connection possible. Living in a conscious universe, our thoughts move with the speed of love… as they carry your intention to the Divine.

This Yantra is inside you already. The picture brings it outside, to manifest it so that you can receive its energies.

It’s a technology that is both ancient and timeless. Just like Mother Pratyangira Herself.

About The Author


Swami Shanmuga and Amma Adi Sakthi, together known as SamAdi, are a Yogi and Yogini couple. They manifest and personify the pristine energies of the Divine Mother Pratyangira Devi. Their mission is to help bring everyone closer to Ekatvam, or Oneness with their Higher Self. Read More about Swami and Amma

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