Sayujya Yoga

Sayujya means merging oneself with the Divine. Sayujya Yoga is a comprehensive and integrated set of practices which enable a person to experience higher levels of consciousness and to realize their true inner Divine Self.

The practice flows effortlessly and simultaneously purifies and balances a person at different levels of their being. Simple, yet deeply profound, Sayujya Yoga can be practiced by anyone to realize their life and soul purpose, in this lifetime.

Why should the experience of Divinity and enlightenment be limited only to the mystics and saints who have renounced life? It is within the reach of everyone, while still leading their everyday lives. It is not granted or given by masters. Sayujya shows you the way, in a form that is practical for everyone in today's  life.  - Swamiji & Amma

sayujyaThe Divine Mother Pratyangira and Mahavatar Babaji have been guiding Amma and Swamiji to share the powerful practices, which are accessible and practical for the modern person. Sayujya practices are multifaceted and accelerate deep progression on many different levels of the Self. The teachings and practices are natural and systematic, simple and scientific. Sayujya Yoga helps you cleanse, balance and experience the simultaneous evolution of the physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic aspects of the Self.

The practice of Sayujya is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, who desire to experience deeper meaning and be in a state of heightened awareness. Sayujya Yoga practices allow you to integrate your own devotional elements, giving you the liberty to truly follow your heart.

Sayujya Yoga is offered as a series of gradually progressive lessons to help spiritual aspirants reach higher levels of consciousness. Sayujya is grounded in the deep Truth that peace is not to be found, but rather, it is to be had.  It has already been given. However, we must transcend the apparent duality of our world and raise our own consciousness, through efforts in sadhana, to realize this Truth.  It is in the moments of silence, stillness and Self-awareness that Truth is realized and experienced. This is what Sayujya Yoga is all about, experiencing a permanent merger with your higher consciouness, an everlasting union with your own True Divine Nature.


  • Maintaining more energy, clarity and focus throughout the day.
  • Igniting creativity and inspiration, in your work and livelihood. 
  • Establishing an emotional balance and releasing past issues. Alleviating fear, stress and anxiety.
  • Improved relationships and renewed compassion towards others. 
  • Achieving heightened states of consciouness and awareness of the body, mind and soul.
  • Experiencing true fulfillment in life and awakening to one's fullest potential and purpose. 
  • Many students have deep spiritual experiences, which are unique to their own devotional backgrounds.

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