Sayujya Level 3

sayujya-3Sayujya Level-3 is a very advanced practice where the emphasis is purely on Dhyana, or meditation. When practiced according to the instructions, the student has the ability to move the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine upwards through the body, into the higher chakras. Over the course of this practice, one experiences the Void, which is the Universal consciousness beyond the levels of the individual self. Disciplined practice puts the spiritual aspirant in a constant state of bliss, in a merged union with the Divine. This is Sayujya, this is Ekatvam.

During the practice of Level-3, it is the students option if they want to continue with other devotional or yoga practices.

During Level-3 the consciousness becomes well perfected and students will experience the inner Silence and stillness which has been cultivated throughout the previous levels of Sayujya. After the completion of this practice, at the option of students, Amma and Swamiji will initiate them into perpetual Shiva-consciousness. This can be a lifetime practice, it becomes as much part of one's existence as their breath.

Jai Gurudev! Om Tat Sat!

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