Sayujya Level 2

sayujya-2Students who have successfully practiced Sayujya Level-1 can advance their practices through Sayujya Level-2. The basic framework of the practice remains the same, but the experience and depth of each technique becomes more profound.

Sayujya Level-2 is offered as a retreat course with Swamiji and Amma. Level-2 is practiced for a longer period in order to fully blossom. Students will experience increasingly higher levels of consciousness, almost approaching their bliss bodies at will. You can experience the cosmic prana permeating through every cell.  Many experiences will be unique to the practitioner, those who practice at this level will experience the various layers of their own being.  Changes will occur within and without one's life and one's unique life path becomes clear. You will realize that the body is truly a temple and that you are a co-creator of your life's journey. 

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