Sayujya Level 1

sayujya-level-1Sayujya Level-1 is a foundational course which helps practitioners to purify and balance themselves and to prepare them for the higher and more subtle levels of consciousness.

In this workshop, Swamiji and Amma guide students to identify their life and soul purpose, and help bring the two into alignment. Bringing in the energies of the Divine Mother Pratyangira and Mahavatar Babaji in powerful ways, Swamiji and Amma guide students through an experiential inner journey, where they literally come face to face with their true inner selves and experience their bliss bodies.

A comprehensive and integrated set of simple practices which includes mantra and meditation practices are given. Each aspect of the practice is a very strong technique, in it and of itself. The individual practice components work deeply on particular levels of one's being and when integrated, the cumulative effect is profound.  Much like the "snowballing effect" when the practices are performed fully, each step builds on the previous one and propels the student deeper and deeper. This allows for a balanced evolution and for one to experience each higher level of their subtle consciousness.

Sayujya Level-1 is offered as a full 1-day course and is offered personally by Swamiji and Amma. Students are advised to practice the teachings and techniques, and after some time they would be ready for the Sayujya Level-2 course. As the practices intensify, students feel the purification at different levels and cells of the body become energized. Students are able to experience glimpses of their bliss body state.

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