Soruba Samadhi

tulasiThe drawing seen here is a teaching from Sri Mahavatar Babaji directly. It came at time when Amma was crying out, in tears praying and asking for the Truth to be shown to her. Babaji descended into the Singapore ashram and beautifully taught with a profound-simplicity, that can only be Divine. There is a small garden at the ashram, Babaji gracefully pointed to a Tulasi plant and said, “You should be like that.” In that moment Amma’s whole being experienced the Tulasi for what it really is, for what we really are. It radiated a golden effulgent light, much like a halo.

This teaching is about the essence of soruba samadhi, transforming the body into divine light. That life is about lifting our consciousness to reveal the radiant light that emanates from within. We must simply be in the truth of soruba samadhi, continually seeking to live in bliss. Amma was immersed in gratitude for the Grace and beauty of the teaching.  Several students living at the ashram at the time were absorbed in the presence of this great light energy. All in the ashram were moved to partake in some creative pursuit whether it was drawing, painting or contemplative writing.

The effulgent light of all beings… be like the Tulasi plant seeking the bliss of the sunlight and drawing the golden light of the sun into itself and thus attaining soruba samadhi.  I believe Ambaa and Babaji are drawing this through me as I am learning to be like the sacred Tulasi myself. Jai Pratyangira, Jai Babaji  - Amma

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