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Usher in the new year in Divine Grace

Greetings to all beautiful soul brothers and sisters,

The year 2012 has come and passed.  Regardless of our individual circumstances, whether we experienced ups or downs, received good or bad, whatever it was - we have to learn from it.

When we believe in Reality it will become real.  Be in the now. Be in the present. For, your present will eventually unfold into your future.  Live every second moment by moment. We are already into the Satya Yuga.  This is the new age of Truth and enlightenment.  Because Truth is oneness, oneness with everyone will become our reality. From now on there will be no need to hide your true Self from anyone or anything. You should embrace presence-ness (and Your Presence) and give yourself a tap on the back, for you have made it this far.

as-gpaHowever, there is much more work to be done, more challenges to come and more lessons to learn. But we should not be afraid to see and face that reality. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  When we harbor fear in our lives, about anything in our future, we co-create that fear and it actually becomes real. Instead, we should make a resolution and try to change whatever we no longer want in our lives.

By practicing releasing our fears and working to shift our present situations - we co-create our future realities.  In doing this, and by serving those in need with open hands and open hearts we truly welcome the Reality of Satya Yuga, individually and globally.  

Most importantly, let us embrace forgiveness in the fullest.   Hold gratitude in your hearts, even for people who have hurt you in the past, because in many ways those people have been the great teachers in our lives. These lessons should be held so that we do not repeat things moving forward. Sometimes we cherish the positives in our lives only after having experienced the negative side of things first.

Finally, we have to start seeking our answers from within, more than externally. More of our questions will be answered. Maintaining this inward contemplation is extremely important when we feel emotional or angry. Once the mind yields to calmness through this internal observation, acknowledgment and surrender, you are able to speak from the heart.  And it is through serving from the heart that we can uplift one another.  So each day lift one another higher and higher, remain humble, and serve your fellow brothers and sisters in the shared breath of oneness, in the shared breath of Ekatvam.

In Ekatvam with all,

Swamiji and Amma  

Note: Ekatvam is an ancient Sanskrit word, meaning Oneness

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