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Dear soul brothers and sisters, 

We are currently in India, to participate in the first World Parliament on Spirituality (WPS), starting tomorrow  We are happy to be sharing the platform with spiritual masters and healers from different countries to help uplift the consciousness of people around the world. This is not just an event where in which we are participating, you too have an important role to play in making this global consciousness shift possible.  There will be a mass meditation on the 21st December, and you can watch the proceedings of the conference live.  

flowers We are having a blissful time in India, and going through some deep healing at several levels to prepare us for the work ahead. A few of our students are coming to stay with us in our Singapore ashram in January. It will be a time of giving deep practices and teachings. Also, in January, we are conducting a 2-day retreat in Singapore, and invite you to attend the retreat. Please see the details below.

The festive and holiday season is around the corner. As you reflect on the deeper meaning of Christmas, and why Jesus Christ came to earth, know that it is the Divine's love for you that has caused this great soul to descend on earth so that each one of us may be uplifted. The Bible talks about how the Divine imbues each of us with its breath. Be One with your breath. When one is in Oneness- in Ekatvam- with their breath, one transcends their self and ascends to a state of void. This is the bliss state, the Ksham. It is this void that is the energy for the vast expansiveness of grace. From this void, from this nothingness, anything can manifest, this is where creation unfolds. In the void, there is no room for the worries of everyday life, they become null and fade into nothingness. There is only the warmth of Divine Love.   

So, how does one become one with their breath? Please see the instructions below on the meditation for 21st December, the day of global mass meditation for the upliftment of consciousness.   

Even though you may not be physically present at this conference, we will be carrying you in our hearts. We will be writing about our experiences on our Facebook page, please be sure to visit us there, like our page and spread the word to your friends. 

Our love and blessings to you in this holiday season. 

Swamiji and Amma

Participate in 10-million person global mass meditation on December 21

To help enable global spiritual awakening, WPS is facilitating a mass meditation of 10 million people around the world for one hour on 21 December 2012. Your participation in this meditation is very important and contributes to the noble cause. Please see the WPS page for your local timings.

Here is how Swamiji and Amma suggest that you meditate on that day. Sit in a calm place where you will be undisturbed for an hour. Set your intentions for joining with millions of your fellow brothers and sisters to uplift consciousness in all people. Silently chant the powerful Thirumoolar mantra for 15 minutes:

Si Va Ya Na Ma
Ya Na Va Si Ma
Ma Va Ya Na Si
Si Ya Na Ma Va
Va Si Ma Ya Na

Then, turn your attention to your breath, without consciously altering the way you breath. Chant "OM" while you inhale and "KSHAM" while you exhale. The chanting is done in the mind, without any movement in the lips. Sooner than you realize, your mind will run away to different thoughts. The moment you realize that you are no longer chanting "OM KSHAM" in resonance with your breath, gently bring back your attention to the mantra. Soon you will notice that your level of awareness will increase, and that your breath will become shallow. When you reach a more heightened state where the breath is moving only in the nostrils, you can chant just "KSHAM" repeatedly.

Doing this meditation will bring you to a state of bliss, to a state of Oneness with your own breath and Self.

At the completion of the meditation bring your intentions to your needs and desires and surrender them to the Divine.  Surrender them to your Highest Self through your breath.  Release them and give thanks for the Graces which you have received and those which you will continue to receive. 

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