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Thanksgiving, Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja

Namaste to the Ekatvam Family,

Thanksgiving1Thanksgiving is all about families coming together, being together and being there for one another. It is a time of reunion, of joy. As you create stronger bonds with your family, you are creating stronger bonds with your inner Self and with the Divine. During this Thanksgiving, as you are offering your prayers, please feel grateful to the Divine, to the Universe, for making you who you are. Remember with gratitude everything the Universe has given you even if you are going through difficult times at the moment. More importantly, remember your inner Self, that inner Divine that is always with you.

Just as each of us have our personal families, let us not forget that all of us are members of the Divine Mother's family. We are all Her children, She is always there, every where, within us and outside us. Ekatvam, which means Unity or Oneness, is a growing family of spiritual seekers who want to raise their consciousness and help others to be in Union with the Divine. It gives great joy to us, Swami and Amma, to see your souls blossoming and becoming one with the Divine Mother through your sadhana. We are always there for you to provide guidance.

This Thanksgiving day on 24th Nov. is a powerful day energetically. It happens to be Amavasya, or new moon day, when the confluence of energies are powerful and conducive to tapping them by praying to the Divine Mother. On this day we are performing the Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi puja by reciting Her 1008 names. After that, we are performing the Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja. It is extremely powerful for those who perform and participate in the puja. It opens up every cell of our being and allows the Divine Mother to permeate into our whole being at every level, raising our vibrational frequency to be in tune with Hers. We are performing this puja in our Singapore ashram for the Divine Mother to bestow Her blessings on Her children, for there to be peace and harmony on this earth. We invite you to participate in this puja, offering prayers for you and your family. Please see details below.

On this Thanksgiving, may there be a strengthening of bonds in our individual families and in our spiritual family. Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings in this universe be happy and blessed. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.  

With love and blessings,   
Swamiji and Amma

Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja
24 Nov

srichakraNavavarana means nine enclosures. The Sri Chakra is a geometrical representation of the cosmos, and is also a representation of the human body. The Sri Chakra consists of 9 intersecting triangles, enclosed within two lotuses, and circles and squares. This sacred geometry is very precise and focuses the universal energies in a powerful way. Geometrically, there are 9 enclosures to the center point of the Sri Chakra, which is called the Bindu or Void point. This is where the Divine Mother Lalita sits.

Each of the nine enclosures have different Goddesses or forms of the Divine Mother. The Navavarana puja is an involved ritual where different Goddesses at each of the enclosures are prayed to and their energies harnessed. The Navavarana puja is the highest form of Divine Mother worship. It is a transformative puja for those who participate. It activates all aspects of ones being and infuses them with the Divine Mother's energy.

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