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Thaipusam 2012

MuruganThis coming 7th of February is the Thaipusam Festival. On 3rd Feb 7 PM (6 AM US EST) Amma and Swami will perform the Panchamruta Puja, beginning the Thaipusam festival week. Please join in the puja through meditation or prayer anytime from now until Thaipusam, which culminates on the 7th. You may send in your prayers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The puja is being guided by Babaji and Lord Murugan and offers a great elixir for one's soul. The Panchamruta Puja literally means 5 Amritas or Nectars. The puja represents the purification of the 5 Koshas (the bodies of a person).

Here is a small explanation of the day:

There was a demon named Tharakasuran who gave a lot of trouble to the Rishis and Saints.  Lord Muruga was called by his parents Lord Shiva and Parvati and given the task of destroying the Demon.  Lord Muruga set off with the blessings of his parents to destroy the demon.  He took with him twelve weapons, eleven of which were given by his father Lord Shiva and the 'Vel' (spear) given by his mother Parvati. The festival commemorates the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan a vel (spear) so he could vanquish the evil demon.  Lord Muruga destroyed Tharakasuran on the Poosam Nakshatra day in the Tamil month of Thai.

On this day chant "Om Saravanabavaya Namaha,” a mantra that eliminates all our negativities (demons) within and without, just as the Vel given by the Mother destroyed the demons for Murugan.  Let's all put our souls and hearts together to work on this day and get the blessings from the Divine energies.

Om Skandaya Namaha
Om Shanmugaya Namaha
Om Kathirvelaya Namaha
Om Arumugaya Namaha
Om Vadivelaya Namaha
Om Saravanabavaya Namaha

Let us all get showered by His blessings and love on us on this day.

Vetrivel Muruganuku Arogara
Veeravel Muruganuku Arogara
Jnanavel Muruganuku Arogara

The Panchamruta puja is practiced by mixing five main ingredients: mango, jackfruit, banana, honey, sugar, raisins and some other special ingredients. These will be put into a small special metal pot and smashed together by using a whole sugar cane, about 2 feet in length. Lastly a pinch of holy ash is added while chanting Om Saravana Bavaya. This continues until everything becomes blended well and smashed together.

Eventually one cannot distinguish what has gone into the pot. It will taste very sweet. It represents when Lord Muruga won in battle over evil and the happiness that comes afterwards is very sweet.

The act of smashing all of the 5 fruits and holy ingredients together represents how on a spiritual path we might feel as if we get "smashed up." However, this puja reminds us that when we offer ourselves to the Divine, fully, what we are given back is only pure sweetness.

'Om Muruga Saranam'

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