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Shivaratri, a night to awaken the soul

Om Shiva Shambo!

Namaskar to all Divine souls,

shiva-divineOnce again that auspicious day is coming. February 20th is a special Maha Shivaratri.  It is a day to offer Lord Shiva all that is sacred.  One may chant, sing His praises, bathe a Lingam or idol, adorn Him with flowers and offer all kind of sweets and vegetable dishes.  

During this time Lord Shiva is at the pinnacle of his presence in the material Earth plane.  We should all put all our thoughts and focus in prayers for the peace in the World, peace within and without.  Maha Sivarathiri, is the great night of Shiva, when His devotees are reminded of the time when He walked on earth and in heaven.  It is a time to merge oneself in the infinite light.

Many ages back, Lord Shiva manifested as an infinite pillar of light. This is on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of Palguna.  On that day, it is believed that He transcended all the worlds and manifested Himself in all the Lingas in all of the temples and homes where they worship Him.  That is the night observed as the night of Shivaratri.

It is not to say that Shiva is not present on other days. But it is dramatically more so on this special day.  Shivaratri is an especially powerful  time for a devotee to attune oneself to the vibrations of Lord Shiva.

On this day when the devotee practices fasting, prayer and repeating the "Om Namah Shivaya" mantra, it takes one nearer to Lord Shiva who will shine brightly in his heart.  On this day if the devotee does a Bilva archana (offers Bilva leaves) with devotion, the Supreme is satisfied.  Each leaf is offered by chanting 'Ekabilvam Sivarpanam.'  Within the root of the Bilva tree Lord Brahma resides, in the base of the tree is Vishnu and the uppermost part of the tree is Lord Shiva. It takes all parts of the tree to produce the leaf, and so the one who worships Lord Shiva with the Bilva leaf effectively worships all three Gods and attains Their Blessing. It is also a pathway to everlasting joy.

Oh Lord who is filled in this whole world
You are all the life
You are all the wealth
Your blessings always protect us
Bless us to realize that
You are the food for my hunger
You are my drinking water
You are my medicine
You are my light in the darkness
You are the remover of poverty
Both life and prosperity is offered to you
Both love and a giving heart are your great gifts

"Oh Lord, we were born from you, growing with your blessings, bless us with good health, prosperity and also give us the heart and mind that we should never, never forget you ever"

So we humbly ask all Divine souls and children, put your heart and souls together pray towards Lord Shiva during this Maha Shivarathiri for all of these blessings.

Namastae Namastae Vibho Visvamurtae
Namastae Namastae Chidanandamurtrae
Namastae Namastae Tapoyogagamya
Namastae Namastae Srutijnanagamya

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya Om

With love and blessings,   

Swamiji and Amma

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