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Mother's Day Blessings: A personal message from Swamiji and Amma

Greetings to all beautiful Souls, Brothers and Sisters,

Mothers-DayThey say that God couldn't be everywhere, so He created Mothers. What a beautiful heartfelt statement, recognizing and acknowledging the loving presence of the Mother. This Sunday, 12th May, is Mother's Day. Take the time to think of your own wonderful Mother and heartfully thank her. As we celebrate and honor our Mother's, let us reflect on who the Mother is.

An ancient Eastern saying goes like, "A child might turn its back on its Mother, but never ever the Mother on her children...". Such is the self-erasing compassion of the Mother for her children. Without any reserve or consideration, She gives unhesitatingly both to the worthy and the unworthy, till her heart bleeds in love, and yet the child still wants more. She protects us and gives us what we want until we are on our own. Her selfless seva to her child is beyond words.

 A Mother's love is RAW - No expectations, no hidden agenda, no inhibitions of right and wrong. She lovingly shares her blood, breath and soul, gently nurturing the life in us, when we are safely inside her womb. Hers becomes yours, as her blood, breath and soul, moves through your veins, shaping your definite destiny.

Mother's Day is not a single day in the entire year, meant to celebrate the heart of the Mother; it should become a conscious way of acknowledging the presence of the Divine Mother, in each and every breath.

O! Mother we love you so much
We need your grace and love very much
Keep us close to you always
We want to be always in your warmth
Nothing can replace you and your Love
The one and only best gift I can ever get in this life
Always never forgetting your looks
You are always the beautiful Mother on Earth
You struggled for me
You cried for me
You have shared your life for me
You have given up your passion for me
You have crossed a lot of hurdles carrying me
You have always put me the first in your life
And you have always made sure that I get the best.
One drop of your tear will drown the ocean
You are the gift for me in this life from Divine Mother
Will always treasure you always
O! Mother please bless me for me not to forget you
Till my last breath even when you are gone.

Beautiful ones, this is the time to serve back the Mother by welcoming Her into our heart's home. We are honored to be carrying the Divine Mother's work, to serve your souls. We are looking forward to coming to USA this Fall to heal the souls that need it, to share the Mother's love and blessings with you. We are looking forward to seeing each one of you. Let us all embrace the Mother's work in giving selflessly.

Our deepest love and pranams to the Divine Mother in each of you. Jai Ma! Jai Ma! Jai Ma!

Swamiji & Amma

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