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Looking Forward to Seeing You

Namaste to all beautiful souls,us-tour

With gratitude in our hearts, we thank you for your outpouring love, support and enthusiasm for the upcoming US Programs.  We feel truly blessed to be welcomed into your homes, temples and spiritual centers.  What is most moving of all, is that we truly feel welcomed in your hearts.  Thank you for this love and thank you for the opportunity to serve your Soul.  Being able to work with your Divine Soul is truly one of the greatest blessings that may be received.

We very much look forward to seeing you and sharing very deep and profound teachings that have been realized through the Grace of the Divine Mother and Mahavatar Babaji.  It is through this Grace that we are able to reach out to you.  And it is through this Grace that you have provided welcoming support.  

For this we thank you, and we hope to see you very soon,

With Love & Blessings,

Swamiji and Amma

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