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In Gratitude and Grace

siddha-blessingNamaste to all Beautiful Souls,

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for joining us at the programs on the West Coast. It has truly been a blessing to serve all of your Souls. The events and programs in the Bay Area, Southern California and Arizona have been tremendous. We have felt a great deal of love and grace and are happy that you have as well. A lot of people have done seva by hosting us, by helping us with various things during the programs, and for this, we are grateful. 

          On this tour to the US, we are having a Darshan of all your Divine souls. It is gratifying to see how many of you are seeking to be One with the Divine, and it is a humbling experience to be able to provide the Divine Mother's energy and guidance to you. On this journey, we are fortunate to have been blessed by Siddha masters who have transcended into the state of Oneness, the state of Ekatvam. Yet they live with us, one amongst us. It is with their blessings that we continue this path, to share the highest of teachings and practices which elevates ones' consciousness to higher dimensions. 

We invite you, your friends, family and spiritual communities to share in the remaining programs. The following events are scheduled, you can find details on the Ekatvam website:

  • Arizona, from April 25 - 29, visiting Sedona, Phoenix and Tucson
  • Pennsylvania, from May 4-5, visiting Philadelphia
  • New York & New Jersey, from May 9-13, visiting NYC and Montclair, NJ.

          In Love, Blessings and in Ekatvam,

          Swamiji & Amma

Your experiences in your own words 


Swamiji and Amma appreciate that some of you have shared your experiences at the programs, and accept them as testimonials to the Grace and Love of the Mother and Babaji.

           "...I can attest that Swami Shanmuga and Amma Adi Sakthi are the embodiment and radiant transmitters of Pratyangira Devi's very presence. The waking up of Consciousness itself and its proper balancing occurs by coming into contact with them.  It is the very rarest of gifts to meet them..." --Sri Swaprakashananda Swami

            "...During the shaktipat I felt my crown chakra open wide like a satellite dish and my kundalini flow steadily and effortlessly up and down my spine. And again, with my eyes closed, I began to cry. A deep, deep release and yet sweet joy, my heart opening wide, my soul in awe and reverence for this moment, for the Divine Mother, for myself. I felt the simultaneous descent of the Shiva and ascent of the Shakti, and something within me let go, surrendered, hollowed out and released to make room for more. More of the goddess, more of me...."  -- Megan W, San Francisco

          "Peaceful was the first word that came to mind when Swamiji and Amma asked us to say how we felt after receiving the Sacred Geometry Healing. Perhaps a better word would have been 'blissful' to describe the state that I was in. It was the kind of peace that was deeper than some psychological or emotional state. It was a grounding in something bigger than myself, something so powerful, so magnificent, that all fear was missing from my being! It was a glimpse into what my life can be..."   -- Maria O, Bay Area

Full testimonials may be found here
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