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Holiday Greetings

Namaste and Greetings to all the angels,

babaji-lightThis year, 2011, is coming to an end, bringing in the joy of Christmas and New Year. Christmas is all about a deeper sharing of what you have with your family and those around you. Whatever has happened throughout the year, when it comes to year-end, we should forget everything and enjoy the festival season. You do not have to be rich to celebrate festivals. If you can have a big smile and a big heart- no matter what, you are the richest person.

If we take a moment to reflect on our inner selves, we realize that we have accumulated layers and layers of old and unnecessary things around our souls, things that cloud our judgement, things that do not serve us. As we are transitioning into the new year, now is the right time to start unpacking and incinerating your old stuff. And to open your heart to make it the home of the Divine, and to receive what the Divine gives us.

Stop worrying of what is going to happen in the coming year. Be in the moment and just make resolutions that you know you need to. And, dutifully stick to the resolutions by doing what you are supposed to do. It is like sadhana, practices or yoga, in fact, it is a form of sadhana.

Be selfless and giving, like a tree. A tree just gives the shade and fruit to whomever comes under it, irrespective of whether the person is good or bad. Like the tree, you can help other people without any expectations and without any second thoughts or judgments. In life we have to be easy and light in order to move on. Grow like a tree upwards, with deeply rooted values. Burn like a candle which burns itself and gives light to others. See and remember what you have done for others instead of expecting others to do things for you.

All of us have a purpose for our birth on this Earth. Let us start seeing what it is and start moving towards it. Welcome new things, remember the lessons from the past and do not worry too much about tomorrow. Be in the present, because yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. Let us all treasure this very moment and make the resolutions to change our life for the better, for walking along the path to the Divine.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. We hope to See you all next year.

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