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Guru Poornima, 3rd July

3rd July is the Guru Poornima day. On this Guru Poornima let us all give our pranams and greetings to all our masters, saints and teachers. Guru Poornima is a very special and auspicious day to honor their lotus feet. Guru is the one who removes the darkness from our lives. When we are ready the Guru appears. The Guru guides us to the place we need to go and what we need to attain in this life.

Whatever the Guru says we need to follow as it is directly from the Divine. Our Mother gives birth to us, she is the one who who lets us know who is our father is. When the time comes, the Divine Mother who births all our souls, shows us who our teacher is. The Guru is the one who will show us the path to the Divine. So the Guru as the Mother, Father and Teacher, will show the way to attain liberty and moksha. In our life when the Guru appears, learn and receive as much as you can. With the Guru's blessing things will change around you. Hold the Guru tight and do not let go. Until your last breath or even if your Guru has gone do not loose faith in your Guru.

Whatever difficulties you go through, the Guru's blessings will always be there. An important thing to remember is not to hop around one Guru after one. It will never lead us any where. Your heart will tell you when you have met your Guru, trust and follow your heart.

On this Guru Poornima day wake up at 4 AM, do your morning sadhana and meditate on the lotus feet of the Guru by offering flowers, milk, fruits and prasads, incense and camphor. Fasting for the whole day with only milk and fruits will be good. If possible you can be in silence, reflecting and reading the scriptures and teachings of the Guru Gita. Follow the Guru's teachings to shine as the embodiment of the teachings.

We are looking forward to talking to you on Guru Poornima, please see the details of the call.

With Love and Blessings and in Ekatvam,

Swamiji & Amma

On this Guru Poornima day, Swamiji and Amma are happy to talk to all of you through a conference call. They are performing a Guru Poornima puja at 6 AM US Eastern time on Tuesday, 3rd July, followed by a conference call. During the conference call, Swamiji and Amma will share the energy and blessings of Guru Poornima. They are looking forward to connecting and talking to all of you.

The conference call will be on Tuesday, 3rd July 2012, at 9:00 AM US Eastern time. Conference call number: 712-432-1000 (US number. Normal call charges apply). Use the access code 595392329#

If you feel pulled, please help support Swamiji and Amma's work through Ekatvam by donating any amount that your heart calls for. Thank you for your support.

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