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Ekatvam at World Parliament on Spirituality

The first World Parliament on Spirituality (WPS) is being organized in December, in Hyderabad, India. WPS in their own words:

"To create Oneness, Peace and Universal Brotherhood in World. By interacting with all the enlightened organizations and their members in world and make them to share, learn and work together for a Healthy & Happy World."

We are happy to let you know that Ekatvam Foundation has been invited to speak and participate in WPS. We, Swamiji and Amma, are honored to speak at WPS on behalf of Ekatvam.

WPS is a very profound conference, bringing spiritual teachers, healers and thinkers from different faiths and traditions on a single platform with the aim of exploring commonalities in a multitude of spiritual and holistic diversities in order to enable awakening of spirituality around the world and to spread the concepts of inner transformation, synergistic living, peace and harmony.

We are humbled at this invitation to be joining hands with all spiritual seekers and teachers to bring forth the message of Oneness, of Unity. Ekatvam has always been about the Universality of Spirituality, irrespective of the differences in traditions, religions and culture. The Divine Light that is within each of us is the same, and all of us can reach and become that light, here, in this lifetime. There is so much of resonance and congruence in the aims of Ekatvam and WPS, we are happy in sharing the same message. We would be happy if you can join the WPS conference. The registrations for the conference are closing soon, you can find details at the WPS website.

We are keeping you all in our hearts and prayers. Blessings and love to you all.

Swamiji and Amma

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