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Conquering Inner Negativity

flowersIt has been a wonderful experience to have met all of you during our US trip. Seeing the deep shifts the Divine Mother is bringing into your lives, and hearing it in your own words, as many of you have shared, truly moves our hearts deeply. Know that we hold each of you close to our hearts. To those who are ready for a deeper and higher journey, who are willing to surrender and open their hearts, the Divine Mother is flowing into their lives. The greatest miracles occur when the heart opens and blooms, when inner shifts start to take place. However, when one's heart is closed, even the Divine Mother cannot penetrate into the recesses of the soul to bring light. In moments of doubt and difficulty you can choose to trust the voice within you. Shut the mind and its idle negative chatter and go down into your heart. That is how you connect and hear the Divine Mother's voice.
As you embark on a journey to discover the Divine, you will begin to realize that you are the Divine, and the Divine is you. As the veils of clouds surrounding your consciousness and your true Self start melting away, as you begin getting glimpses of your true Divine nature, you can feel the Divine Mother lifting the karmas that are holding you back. But what is the means of getting to that place? It is through a constant awareness of your inner self, and through regular sadhana (practice). It is by dissolving the inner negative energies that are holding you back. At times it appears that no matter what you do, you are not able to overcome these inner negative forces. However, when a realized master prays for you on your behalf, they are reinforcing your intentions by putting their enormous spiritual power towards manifesting your intentions.
This 25th of June, we are performing a powerful Yaga (fire ceremony) called Soorasamharam. This is being performed on our behalf by a very powerful realized master, a Siddha. This Yaga is being performed in Tiruchendur, South India. Soorasamharam literally means slaying of the demons. People performing this pooja, or participating in the pooja will experience lifting of depressions, emotional darkness and negative forces. We invite you to participate in this pooja, please see the details below.

We feel grateful that we have been able to share Sayujya Yoga practices with you. It is our heartfelt desire that you practice these simple and effective teachings so that you can embark on your own soul journey. We are looking forward to being in touch with you and to hearing your experiences.

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