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48 Days global meditation for Nepal, Japan and Mother Earth


Dear Divine brothers and sisters,

The recent earthquake in Nepal caused untold misery, death and destruction to all people of Nepal. Even as the wounds of the first earthquake are fresh, today there has been a massive aftershock quake which killed more people and caused even more destruction. The humanitarian crisis that has unfolded there is unprecedented. Whole families wiped out, people lost their loved ones, destroyed homes, the situation there is truly heart rending. The pain of the people in Nepal cannot even be described, only they are experiencing it. Not only that Japan as well had an 6.8 earthquake as well. Just today.

Let us all come together in prayer and collective meditation for healing the hearts of the people who have suffered, and for healing of Mother Earth. The effects of simultaneous collective meditation by large numbers of people has a tangible effect in truly healing the souls of the people. This healing is as important as the humanitarian aid being provided by various governments and agencies. This is a process in which we heal our inner selves, which reflects into the outer world.

With the guidance of the Divine Mother Pratyangira and Sri Mahavatar Babaji, Swami Shanmuga and Yogini Adi Sakthi are leading the collective meditation for 30 minutes on Friday, 15th May,  9.30 PM US Eastern time. Wherever you are, please join the meditation. Visualize golden energies emanating from the depths of your being, and transcending time and space, reaching out to the suffering people in Nepal and Japan, to the departed souls, and to Mother Earth. Swamiji and Amma will follow this group meditation by a 48-day healing process through daily inner pujas through deep meditations to the Divine Mother, asking for Her grace to flow for healing of all. During these 48 days, please meditate from your home, wherever you are for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to connect to the healing energies and send them out to everyone in need.

When large numbers of people meditate together with a common intent, there is a tangible effect on the cosmic energy fields. Group meditation has a force multiplier effect. Participating in this group meditation can be our heartful offering to the people in Nepal. We welcome you to join the event page on Facebook where you can write in your prayers and can invite your friends and family to join the meditation. We invite you to like the Ekatvam Facebook page to stay connected. Please help in spreading the message about this meditation event to as many people as possible.

Together, in Ekatvam, in Oneness, we can heal.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

With love and gratitude,
Sri Amma Adi Sakthi and Swamiji Shanmuga
and everyone at Ekatvam

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