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Navaratri and Firewalking Blessings

Friday, 26 September 2014 in General

Pratyangira-MaDear beloved Divine beings,

This time of the year is a very festive and auspicious time in the Indian tradition. It is the season of Navaratri, Vijaya Dashami, and Theemithi. It is the confluence of the Shiva-Shakti energies which makes this season very powerful, energetically. It is a beautiful, auspicious time for all of us to leave behind an older, unserving part of ourselves and step into who the Divine wants us to be.

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Ekatvam officially made Ambassadors and International Coordinators of WPS

Thursday, 13 September 2012 in General

Ekatvam, Swamiji and Amma are honored to be appointed as International Coordinators and Ambassadors of World Parliament on Spirituality to spread the message of Oneness, and to be instruments in awakening spirituality globally. It is with the blessings of the Mother Pratyangira, Mahavatar Babaji and Vallalar that they humbly accept this role. We are reaching out to all our fellow brothers and sisters to help spread the word, and make the goal of 10 million people meditating collectively on 21 December a reality. It is an honor to be in Universal Fellowship with WPS. We thank the organizers and especially Dr. Yugandhar for their unconditional support and blessings in this journey.

Om Ksham Kriya Babaji Namah Om
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Beautiful Oneness prayers at Vallalar Conference, Malaysia

Tuesday, 04 September 2012 in General

IMG 0011 smallSwamiji and Amma were invited to do the opening prayers in the Vallalar Conference on September 2, 2012. What a beautiful experience for all. People of various faiths and traditions were brought together to offer prayers for bringing out the Oneness, Ekatvam, in all humanity. Invoking the Divine energies, Swamiji and Amma heartfully chanted high vibrational mantras, taking all on a beautiful journey. As the golden effulgent light engulfed all, the camera was able to capture some truly divine moments. Several people had deep healing and cathartic experiences. The energies of Mahavatar Babaji and Vallalar Ramalinga Swami and the 18 Siddha masters were clearly present during the event.

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