Project Grace

Swamiji and Amma are going through a Sadhana (intense meditation), asking for the Divine Mother and ascended Masters' blessings to carry out their mission in helping people reach their highest levels of consciousness. They have been guided to initiate Project Grace. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Project Grace and to ask for your participation in it.

What is Project Grace?

heartinhandsProject Grace is Divine Mother’s vision, in which she is offering you, personally, her helping hand, while also answering the prayers of  many others. When you participate in Project Grace, Mother herself will answer your prayers and bless your life through the spiritual seva of Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga.  Better yet, you are not the only one who benefits; your participation makes it possible for Amma and Swami to offer the same spiritual blessings you are receiving to countless others. In this way, Project Grace brings you directly into the experience of Ekatvam, of Oneness. Mother Pratyangira is offering her helping hand to you through Amma and Swami, who embody her deepest energy. They serve Mother by serving your soul. You, too, are helping Mother by supporting Her vision, supporting Amma and Swami’s prayer and healing of all in Oneness. This experience brings you directly into the flow of divine grace, as your blessing becomes the blessing of every soul. This is an opportunity for you to support the reality of Mother’s grace in this world by participating in it!

yoginisadhanaAmma and Swami are serving Mother Pratyangira and Lord Muruga and their vision of Project Grace by doing very deep, intricate spiritual work for the blessing of those who participate. Their level of disciplined meditative practice has prepared them for exactly this kind of spiritual work, making it possible for them to understand and handle the mechanisms of ancient spiritual knowledge which they have been blessed to receive. Their dedication and devotion is such that they have completely surrendered their lives to listen deeply to the Divine within always, each moment, in each breath. This level of surrender and commitment is what it takes: to operate from an inner raw truth and fully embody Mother Pratyangira’s energies. Her energies demand dharma and righteousness. Amma and Swami are dedicated to serving her energies by praying for everyone and all in a deep, meaningful way. The power and depth of Amma and Swami’s prayers as devoted yogis is far beyond what the rest of us understand when we hear the word “prayer”: because of their total surrender to Mother’s energies, Amma and Swami’s prayers work in very specific, powerful ways and yield great results. In addition to daily prayers and practices, Amma and Swami offer amavasya (new moon) and poornima (full moon) homas (fire ceremony) and pujas (worship) for the healing and harvesting of energies in the lives of those involved in Project Grace.

Imagine a great, pure stream of light, flowing from the most supreme Divine, and filling your heart, blessing your entire being. Your heart's deepest prayers are heard and you are in a state of grace, receiving the most pure, divine, crystalline energy each day, in every breath. In such grace, you become like a fountain, overflowing with gratitude and love. Just as Mother is the endless source, ever giving to her children, you are now brimming over, fulfilled and delighted to continue this flow of grace to others so that they too may experience the blessing of having all of their needs met. This vision is the reality that Mother is offering to us. It is the divine grace we are all needing in this world. In fact, this grace is here already within each of us, and Mother is here with us to awaken us to it this very moment. Project Grace is an expression of Mother’s great, limitless love for us all. She is asking each of us to open our hearts and our hands and to awaken this vision of Grace here and now. We heartfully invite you to join us!

How it Works

togetherweheal-250In Project Grace, participants are included in ongoing prayers and pujas offered by Amma and Swami. Mother's blessing flows continuously and directly to all those involved, answering their deepest prayers and healing and blessing them. Participants contribute a recurring monthly donation of $60, or a greater amount if they wish. The immediate goal of Project Grace is to support the ashram in Singapore which is home to the Divine Mother Pratyangira, and to enable Swamiji and Amma to do their work full time. The level of prayer and seva that Amma and Swami are offering with support from Project Grace will bless and heal many souls in need, by supporting events and programming offered through Ekatvam, and eventually bringing funds which directly help the needy.

To enroll, please visit the Donation page and select Project Grace as the campaign, with a recurring monthly donation option. We request you to personally invite 3-5 of your friends and family to enroll in Project Grace. Swamiji and Amma are looking forward to joining hands with you in Ekatvam, in Oneness, in this Divine Mission.


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